Saturday, 12 February 2011

Glamor filled Day!

Think of Valentine’s Day, I relate it to just one word “LOVE”. 
With V’day around the corner, I see all pretty flowers popping out here and there.  Every shop beckons you to buy something or the other for your beloved ones.

The culture and celebration pattern has been an evolution – good or bad - that’s the truth! Let's see how the changes have evolved over years!

Love Era:
Although Valentine’s Day celebrations differed from country to country, they all had one thing in common – to share love!  There were gifts, self-written poetries and letters, and flowers.

In few countries, this day is observed as a holiday.  Some countries treat this day as a start of spring. In few countries it is celebrated on a different day, but the essence never changed.

Gifting and Glamour Era:
Things have changed gradually and gifting has taken priority over love.
Plenty of gift ideas darted in – flowers, mushy cards, chocolates, CDs, romantic movie collections, personalised jewellery, glass souvenirs, cuddly teddy bears, hugging dolls, heart pillows, red hearts, cupid dolls and all!!

Commercial Era:
A day to celebrate love is not a new concept in India!  Had they not, we wouldn’t have had the beautiful khajuraho temple, or a book called kamasutra.  Did you know, in olden days, people adored Kamadev.  As decades went by, people started sulking on this “public display of affection” and exchanging gifts. 

But now, it’s commercial baby! So much that even a girl from rural village or women in her 90’s recognises valentine’s days! Thanks to the media – their fully dedicated Valentine’s Day TV and radio programmes, contests advertisements and discounts! And how can I forget “cards and Hallmark”!

This day is the most lucrative moment of the year - time for manufacturers to make mammoth revenue out of chocolates, jewellery, restaurants, and of course cards!

Political Era:
Things did not stop at this juncture! Political parties started to comment about this day, and made their campaigns against V’day, making the young crowd more furious - yes The pink chaddi campaign!  

And there are some that just blame this on western influence! Some countries ban celebrating this day, and they ban the selling of sweet cards, red hearts et al.

If you closely evaluate the recent eras, there is one point which is very clear.
The real idea of expressing love has taken a backseat! The new definition for Valentine is “You and your love is measured only by what you buy”.

Is this what love is all about?  

Isn’t this meant to be the day to give and receive love?

Isn’t it much more beautiful and lasts longer than these flowers and chocolates?

Shouldn’t love be expressed more often than just on a single day in 365 days! 

Is this day meant for only lovers?

Aren’t there any people who are longing for love?  

I’m certainly not against Valentine’s Day, but it just leaves me to ponder, how things have changed now!   

I do celebrate V’day, buy gifts, get gifts and surprises.  I’ve had the best V’Day celebrations since I met S.  But all I’m trying to say is love should be expressed without the need of any prompt!   

Writing a post like this does not stop me from celebrating love, or writing a post about how I had heart attack or how simple, short and sunny my V'Day was!

But this V-day, I’m going to make someone feel real special!  Are you in?  then go ahead and do these!!!

Make a call to someone who is alone, and shower your words of love for them!

Talk to someone who is sad and bring a smile on their face

Share your happiness with someone

Give the hope that someone had lost

Send an email to someone you neglected so far

Give a hug to someone who is depressed!

Share your love to those who need it. 

Valentine's day greetings from A&S.

Update on 14th Feb: The links are working now!


  1. we don't some special days to celebrate love... but the things are changed much that there is a need for one to remember that :) :)

  2. Its all about marketing!!! Thats why we have a Valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, and so on. Full timepass. Actually in college it used to be fun to watch 'couples' and make fun of them :-)

  3. but then there are still who celebrate this day with just love... :)
    wonderful post... touching the various aspects of the day :)

  4. LOL Pal :P :P

    I luv that pic :) :)

  5. That's a wonderful post:)Commercialisation has scraped off the 'love' magic! hmmmm:(

  6. Wonderful post...and well written!
    Yes, everything that gets commercialised loses its original sheen and meaning!

  7. Lovely post! Very well said!
    Its all business these days!
    Congrats for the spicy pick! :)

  8. lovely post vaish...and thanks ya...

  9. nice one .. well i dont know what to say , you said it all.. comemrcialising and the political scene in india has sort of spoilt all the fun..

    everyone is trying ot make the most of it in whatever way they can ...

    and congrats on getting picked up as the spicy article IT SURE DESERVES IT ...


  10. Very nice post. It is first time for me here. Very good blog. I see some common friends like Bik and Ramesh

  11. Following you now. If you like my blog you may want to do the same.

  12. Congrats on the blog adda pick :)

  13. Would you believe if I said that marketing targets people with excess money and hence when they buy gifts, the equilibrium is restored, as the money comes back to the market? Marketing is a service actually :)

    Destination Infinity

  14. blog hopped to yours! and i agree we dont need a day for the one person we love....but still it is nice to do something nice then...

  15. Yeah sure, today Valentine's day is all about consumerism.. I like your reference to Kamdev and the Kamasutra. The holier than thou ( those deserving pink chaddis) should think of that! but on the whole a very good post!

  16. Very true shld be expressed, not by buying gifts - its not materialistic.

    Congrats on the Spicy Saturday Pick. :)

  17. congrats on the blog adda pick :) :)

  18. Very true!!! Unfortunately, inspite of so many people realizing it, Valentine's Day has still lost its real meaning, that of expressing love! It's too much of a display now. I hope people follow your example and do things that actually matter!
    Great post!

  19. so true and love makes life beautiful. a true love is in sharing and caring.

  20. Very well written post Vaish! Congrats for the pick :)


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