Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 4

It’s time to say bye to winter, and welcome the spring with warm open hands and hug. 
That's when I thought why not write about winter….    Winter itself reminds us of short day light and long nights, which is a great excuse to be lazy :D

10 things I love about winter

Extra layer of clothes:  I like the winter accessories like scarves, boots, wrist warmers, fuzzy socks, and boots.  I do enjoy wearing extra layer of clothes to get the nice warmth throughout the day and night.  

Need of warmth: Come winter, the gas and electricity always soar high.  The need for heat, getting into the comfortable warmth is the primary need, especially when you just came from outside. That is such bliss to sleep tight hugging each other under the warm rug on the chill winter evening!

Love for hot food:  Hot food reminds me of maggi noodles, masala chai, masala vadai, a cup of hot pepper or garlic rasam.  The taste and satisfaction it gives is totally inevitable.

My birthday: Needs no explanation.  The kid in me still loves birthday, and keeps counting the days when the next one will come :)

Snow: The fresh flakes of snow and playing with snow in building the snowman, getting drenched in the snow with small flakes all over the hair is fun. This is the season for ski lovers.  Much to my regret, I had leg sprains every time I try my hands on skiing! But I totally enjoy doing snow-tubing and sledging like this!

The unplanned leave: How much I long for heavy snow so that we get paid leave.  This DEC was the best. I would go to office at 9.00 just to know that the office is not yet opened, or that it will be closing at 10.00 due to heavy snow forecast…How much I enjoyed those days of OB adichufying at appice..

Festive decorations: Come winter, it brings along lovely aroma of candles, colorful lights and decorations for Christmas and looking forward for a new beginning.

Lots of holidays / Vacation time: Should I say more on this?? Just taking 1 or 2 days of leave will give us a bulky 15 days of holidays, fun and frolic.  Most of the memorable holidays are planned during this time.

Boxing Day sale and shopping: I love shopping.  But that does not mean I wake up at 4.00 AM and wait in the long que and do shopping on Boxing day…nay..that isn’t my idea of holiday shopping. There is generally good sale on clothes, handbags, shoes, electronic gadgets. I love going around shops to just see the crowd that looms around, that simply reminds me of crowded shopping streets in India.  

View of naked trees and Nature: They say that trees without leaves are lifeless.  I don’t accept that.  There is still subtle beauty when the trees shed their uniform. The rivers and lakes that gets frozen is yet another beauty to watch.

Although I like so much about winter, I equally dislike it.  And I pretty much have contradictory opinion on some points mentioned above.

1.Wearing extra layer of clothes can be as irritating as ever.  Now this means it takes nearly 15 minutes to get dressed and undressed at any point of time.  Even to buy some milk from the nearby shop or dropping the bin bags demands full clothing.  This totally annoys me.

2. Itchy skin - That deserves a eeks...Yes...it does become itchy during winter because of wearing too many layers, and getting exposed to artificial heat.

3. The dryness in the skin is yet another annoying factor.  Applying loads of loads of moisturizers consumes a lot of time. 

4. Dry hair and dandruffs are yet another common problem in the winter. Regular hair bath does control dandruff, but it increases the dryness in the hair. 

5. Snow and the aftermath - ice! I have a horrible sense of balance.  It totally scares me to walk on ice for the fear of falling.  

6. Traffic chaos and delays because of snow.

7. The chillnes that get into your veins.  

8. The unpleasant wind               

9. Sickness, running nose and soar throat

10. Shorter days that leaves us just to spend most of the time at home.


  1. A wonderful list of all of my favorite things :D :D
    I loooooove winters but at my end of the world it doesn't snow :(
    Your pictures made me want to run from the humid summers here to your end :)

  2. Lovely post and awesome pics :)
    Paid leaves are the best :P :P

  3. Wow, I'm missing winter even more now after reading your post. As it is I'm a sucker for winter and hate summer, and to top it, your beautiful post :-)

    LOL @ 'OB adichufying at appice'

  4. Hi dear,

    Interesting post and yeah happy to know a lot more things about you...I love your tens except on heavy clothing, I get tired and worn-out on heavy clothing...ha ha ha!

    I love food, and yes I wish to see real snow soon!!!

    Winter makes me feel better except when it is already a prolonged one...:(

  5. You'll not believe this... I had started my Ten On Tuesdays for this very topic, today and then due to time constraints couldn't complete it! :P
    1,2 ,3 and 4 would be common for me too! :)
    That's cool...likes and dislikes for winter too in the same post!! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures.

    Liked your list and plus and negative aspects of winters.

  7. some of those are abs lovely pics! Which part of the world do you live in?

  8. I love winter! And much as i hear ppl complaining of super cold winters and everything, I always yearn to live in a part of the worl that has a load of winter and moderate sun :D
    In fact, thinking it would perhaps be my ONLY chance to roll around in snow, i honeymooned at MANALI in DECEMBER :D

  9. beautiful pics and hmm i wont say i love winter but yeah for the first few months i dont mind
    but since i am in uk there is time when we start to hate it toooo :) and yearn for summer ..


  10. pics are awesome :) :)

    but don't put posts like this and make me jealous.. I am yet to see a snow flake in my life and being in Chennai I consider them non-existent :D :D

    I love winter aka a slightly hot day in Chennai to get nice sleep :D :D

  11. The photo of the tree with blue lights is awesome... I was sick this winter in coimbatore with a temperature of plus eighteen degrees. Wonder how you people handle snow and the minus degrees!! Maybe we could have some astronaut kind of clothing with built in warmers for winter? :)

    Destination Infinity

  12. Interesting counter points...well being in india i am yet to experience harsh winters. If iam lucky i might get to experience it soon enuff!!

  13. @ CB - come to this side to get snow, and more snow! But I really wanted to escape and go to some warmer country! The grass is always greener on the other side :D

    @ Swaram - thank you dear!
    Oh yes...paid leaves are the main reason am wishing more snow :D ha ha

    @ Pallu - I love summer, and am waiting for it!! I love getting sun drenched and even tanned! Winters are giving a very pale look on my face!! Dint like it!!

  14. @ Venelyn - yes...heavy clothing is something i like and dislike depending on my mood! I always long for sun and summers more!
    Come here to get snow drenched :D

    @ Shilpa - Oh wow! that's a great coincidence. Would love to see your version of winter...write them soon..

  15. @ A - thank you so much!
    Why no post for a long time your side?

    @ Raam Pyari - welcome to my blog :D

    @ Priya - Manali was paradise...this isn't :)
    I did roll on the snow the first time i went to the snow mountain...people were thinking i have gone crazy :D
    The more you yearn for winters, you would hate them when you experience them!

  16. @ Bik - ha ha...agreed bik! Winters are always a dream for people like us who live under hot sun..I loved my very first winter outside india. But when the 2nd, and 3rd came in, I simply couldn't bear it, and started to complain about snow and its mess!

    @ Kanagu - I used to complain about chennai winters while i lived there. I simply could not bear a miniscule drop of temperature! I would feel cold, wear socks, wear sweat shirts..Now i totally love chennai winter..they are the mildest and the most beautiful days!!

  17. @ DI - yes,,,i like that pic too..it's a beautiful decoration.
    CBE is very cold during winters...i feel cold even during the summer nights :D

    @ Ria - welcome to my blog Ria..

  18. I just love winter for its pleasant weather that not much or less here in Chennai.

    Lovely snaps and write up about winter, and annoying factors are so much these days and couldn’t wonder how much it might cause in western countries and Europe. Its dream to check with snows.

  19. Lovely lovely pics....love them all. :) :)

    Nice take on the plus and minus of winter....

    Hey, I too tried skiing once... ;) And sledge is awesome fun... :) :)

  20. Wonderful pics! The vivid description alongside the images is awe inspiring...makes me want to sink into the scene as I read!:)

  21. Dear Vaish,
    Good Evening!
    Awesome photos,specially the tree with blue lights!
    I don't like heavy clothing.
    Lovely expressions of tastes and interests.
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  22. Vaish,

    A complete post! Everything under the sun about winter!!!!

    I too like the feel of winters, but then compltely agree on all the points on why u don't like winters!! Esp the moisturizer thing!

    Btw, just wanted to share that, I too find the naked trees, as u call them very attractive... they are just so interesting! I too had been clicking some pics of such trees and was wondering, what is it about... so glad to read what u think about it.


  23. i am with u on this except for the point that my bday doesn't fall in winters! and yes, waiting for the summer!

  24. @ Jeevan,

    Welcome to my space!
    Glad to know that you too are from chennai :)
    well for me, i was really excited about snow the first year, ok..the excitement lasted in the 2nd year,but at the 3rd year I am getting annoyed with it!!

  25. @ Uma - :)
    How did you find skiing?? you liked it?? Yeah...sledging is more fun!

    @Calvy - Welcome here Calvy!
    Thank you :D

    @ Anupama- Welcome here :)
    Well clothing, I do like and at times, i dont like too..In India, I can just walk to the shop with my night pants and slippers. But here, I have to wear layers if I have to step out..which definitely annoys me!

  26. @ RS - liked your comment "everything under the sun about winter"!!
    yes..the itchy, dry skin and air..eeks..i hate them!! And worse are the toilet seats - as cold as ice!! Pathetic na!!

    @Vee - welcome here! Yes waiting eagerly for a good and long summer!!