Wednesday, 17 February 2010

H-E-A-R-T(y) Attack

Monday, the 15th of February 2010 at 3.00PM.  In a living room. A girl, in her late 20’s was sitting in the couch, prolifically browsing through the internet when she heard the door bell ringing.

She gazed into the peephole and found a stranger in black. Alarmed she was, as she did not expect any visitor that time. To be cautious, she took the mobile to call her husband. Asking him to stay on the call, she slowly opened the door to converse with the stranger. He was a dark, tall man in his early 30’s. Heavily built, he was wearing a brown colored overcoat and was carrying a huge carton.
There’s a parcel for you ma’m” the stranger told. “I did not order anything” she said frantically.

He read the details written in the parcel with the complete address when she realized that they were perfectly matching hers. She made a second look at the parcel to validate it.
“Who had sent it and from where?” she inquired. “The detailed are written in the box ma’m. Can you please sign here” said the stranger hastily lending the e-signing machine to her. Confused she was, "I am neither going to take this nor sign this" said her inner voice, while she was making her autograph in the machine.

“Thanks and have a good day” he said and smiled, took the lift back downstairs and vanished. She instantaneously closed the door and locked it, without knowing what to do. After seeing the mobile in her hand, “Hello, you there. The carton is bit big...(pause) big enough to fit a preethi mixie”, she told the husband who was silently listening to her. 
He asked her to check the details in the carton even before opening it. She did as her husband said. On top of the box was written UPS SAVER, and it was from Frucon company.

She read the details to her husband and asked, “Have you ordered anything?” He said no.
“Anything from your friends in Zurich?”. He said no.
Is this some kind of gift you are sending me?” He said no. She was now getting really nosy and scared to open it.

She set the call on hold and tried to open the carton. Desperately she looked out for a scissor, but couldn’t find one. So, she vehemently used her hand & opened the box out of curiosity. And.... she found this….

this and this.....

And a love letter from her husband. 

She immediately took the mobile, “Hey, you got this gift for me right??”, “Now tell me without lying”. He smiled, and said “Yes”. “I wanted it to be delivered yesterday baby, but they do not work on Sunday, and so it reached you today". He paused and said "I love you dear". "I love you too" she added.
 “Was it a super surprise? Did you like it?” asked the husband.  She said "it's a real surprise.  Yeah liked it very much.  Who will not like this?"  And then the sweet nonsense talks continued..........

Is this what we call H-E-A-R-T Attack?? I mean attacking a heart with so many hearts!!

Oh yes, and the theory of "Love is Blind" is thus proved.


  1. Hi Anu,

    Married life is all about giving little unexpected surprises to your loved one.


  2. Cho chweet!!! I am also 90% Tenali-type when it comes to opening doors for strangers.. But I wudnt mind doing it 100 times, if I were to get such heart(y) attacks!!
    Kannu patuda porathu, suthi potukongo rendu perum! :)