Monday, 16 February 2009

Simple Valentine's Day

I decorated the house with balloons, color papers and few danglers. S was completely in surprise when he saw entered the room. He felt it was beautiful. We had our candle light dinner that night with specially prepared food. It was a beautifully spent night…We endlessly played Cards until 2 pm or so. Made our plans for V day and slept.
It was heavily snowing on Valentine’s day. We quickly got ready, packed a few snacks and left our home to catch the 8.09 am train at Zurich HB to catch the Bellinzona-Lugano Train. It’s a 3 hour journey to Bellinzona. And we have to take a connecting train from Bellinzona to Locarno to reach our destination ASCONA & Lake Maggiore in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. The 3 hours train journey went very quick; Thanks to the pack of cards again.
One can definitely enjoy the weather in Ascona or any Italian speaking part in Swiss. The journey takes you through the snow capped Ice mountains surpassing Gothard Pass, and then through the valley it reaches Ascona region. It was snowing everywhere else in Switzerland, but we enjoyed 9 degree sunshine at Ascona. It’s a small beautiful town. We did not have any agenda with us. We just wanted to roam and spend the day in our best way. The bus journey from Locarno to Ascona is just 15 minutes, but it gives a wonderful treat to your eyes.

We got down the bus, and slowly walked our way towards Lake Maggiore. The beautiful snow filled mountains at the backdrop, blue waters, sunshine altogether created the air of enjoyment for us. I slowly walked through the lakeside promenade, holding S’s hands - thanks to the mild climate here. We dint wear our Jerkins. Then we sat at the lakeside and spent time untill 4.00 pm there, and took a return train back to Zurich.

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