Friday, 4 February 2011

After the rain!

The alluring smell of the sand,
When the chill entering my hand
The gushing sound of rain
That faded away all my pain
Mind scouting for a warm place
To get warmth on the face
Wishing to have a hot cup of tea
And to stroll beside the shores of sea!
As I sat on my couch
It was blissful that I can vouch
To watch the rain from window
And the wide spread green meadow!
I sank into my favourite book
Giving the rain another look
Seconds moved into hours
And then I remembered to scour
The vessels I left in the sink
But I thought of having a drink
When I returned back with my glass
I found something shining on the grass
Ah! Rain has decided to stop    
And I saw the water plop
From the trees that stood high
I wouldn’t question the rain why
Because the sun was peeping out
And it decided to scout
The lovely dew drops shining
But I couldn’t stop whining
My laziness to take a photo
That was long back my motto
Took my toy machine
Decided to break my routine
The fresh smell of leaf
Is something no one can beef!
Its pleasing lustre and hue
When the sky was all blue
I started to click my shot
Until I realised that I have had a lot!
See for yourself the result
For it’s more than a reason for me to exult!!

The rain drops that is seated on all the naked stems!

I should have used my macro lens, but had no time to change the lens, and took this with maximum zoom

I've blurred the background here intentionally, but still the shot could've been better!

PS: But I have to say this - the rain today was awfully windy and stormy :(  
Goes without saying, I did not take these pictures today, but on a nice, calm rainy day!


  1. Beautiful poem to go with ur amazing the dew drop close up...reminded me of one of my pics like that.... :) :)

    U are wonderful with ur camera. :)

  2. Beautiful words brightening up my mind with those awesome shots...too good!!
    You are sooooooooperb with pictures :)

  3. Poetry and photography....both equally breath taking.

  4. The third photo was very good in particular... The first half of the poem was very nice, and it connected with us.

    Destination Infinity

  5. A lovely poem and equally lovely pics WOWOW

    awesome ...


  6. Wow!!!!

    Vaish I just loved the pics... amazing... you have such an eye for that detail... and capturing the little beautiful things around yes. Esp loved that only drop of rain, which u could not zoom further. I'm inspired :)

    So do u use photoshop or something to enhance the beauty of pics or they are just as u clicked?

    The poem was soft and soothing... tells a lot about you as a person!

    take care :)


    PS: I just love to read ur comments on my blog Vaish :)

  7. OMG those pictures are divine.... you are such a fantastic photographer!!!

  8. Beautiful poem and amazing pics. Liked the fast pace of events in the poem. :)

  9. @ Ums - thanks dear!!
    Should I say Chitti is good with me :D
    He was able to bare me, for all my rough handling!!

  10. @ CB -
    Thank you soooo much! I'm glad you liked them!!

    @ Alka - Thank you alka! Your words made my day!

    @ DI - Welcome to my blog! Poetry is something that just flows to me once in a blue moon! Thanks again!

  11. Thanks Bikkk...

    @ RS - I'm so glad to hear that its inspiring dear!!
    I use for just adding my signatures. No other processing done in these pictures! pssst...I am very bad at that :(
    I noted the PS :) Thanks for that :D

  12. Pal -
    I'm flattered!! I'm still on my journey to become a fantastic photographer :D

    Hi Ajay - welcome to my blog..

  13. Wonderful lines and Simply loved that photograph you took.

  14. I agree with Pal! They take u to a different world altogether :)

    Loved ur About Me section too :)

    My fav is the 2nd pic :)

  15. Amazing photography...
    not a poem person at all, so wont comment on that.
    but the photos are breathtaking...and am sure the poem would be too, since they're in the same post and has to be related. (yes, i didnt quite read it all :D :D)

    And i sooo love the 2nd pic!

  16. Thanks Sorcerer!

    @Swaram - thanks dear! 2nd pic is my fav too!! I like it for its subtle shades of leaves!

    @Priya - ha ha...same not a poetry writing person as such...but just tried my hands on them :)

  17. Dear Watson,
    This Lady is in love. Read the flow of her muse and the camera she put to good use
    A mind content to see and apppreciate those litle charms of Nature.
    nay Sherlock Holmes
    but Holy Lama

  18. wonderful poem and what delightful captures... I loved the imagery in your write... expressed so beautifully

  19. @ Holy Lama - those are truly flattering words :D
    Much thanks for your appreciation!

    @ Rajlakshmi - thank you rajlakshmi!

  20. Beautiful poem and excellent pictures.

  21. Vaish, ok You've got an amzing camera dear! lovely pics!