Sunday, 9 July 2017

General notes on life, and a comeback to blogging!

Life has gone too fast in the wink of an eye. From seeing the thin line on the pregnancy test, to delivering twins, and celebrating their first birthday.  Yeah now you understand the speed I am talking about? That's super fast for us! We are still in awe with our tiny ones (not so tiny anymore, but still, hey they are our babies), and awe at ourselves sometimes that we created these tiny bunnies.  How much life has changed since then!

So much so, that I am set to focus a bit on what I was doing earlier - which is coming back to my first baby i.e., this blog.  I made a little bit of changeover on the look (yeah, messy change, but change is good, isn't it?), and hoping to start writing more on this space, sharing my journey into twin parenthood, our travels, and any rants that I want to share. 

I will soon be busy again when I join back the workplace jungle(precisely in another 2 weeks time), but the twinkles are growing at a much faster rate than I expected, so I thought I can still manage to juggle work, home, kids, travel and two blogs (sigh!) - can't I? Only time can tell!  

There has been so many things - some big, some trivial things that I wanted to share in this course of "don't-know-how-many-years-went-by", but I kept taking notes in my evergreen note then and there as a journal. Every time I go back and read them, it puts a smile on my face and lets me relive those moments a bit again. May be I can draw some inspiration from those moments, and write them here again with a better perspective on life! 

Watch out this space for more of it to come! 

Signing off! 


  1. Aww congratulations on the babies and their birthdays. Hopefully you'll find more time for blogging. Looking forward to reading you more.

  2. Hey Anu! This is Restless... remember? Really nice to know about your little twin babies.. congratulations! I am sure you would be damn busy..I have returned after 5 years... was looking for my blog buddies... you were one of them! Have a great time...


    1. Aww yes I remember you. Hoping to catch up with all you long lost blog buddies too!