Thursday, 18 September 2014

Scottish referendum- from the eye of an altruistic expat

Only few more hours away from the historic #indyref moment in Scotland, and I can already feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach.  I have kept my polling card along with other Id documents ready to be able to vote for the Scottish Independence Reference tomorrow.  It's a history in the making, and we are very glad to be part of this.  

As an expat living in Scotland, and as a commonwealth citizen, I am eligible to cast my vote and have a say on this referendem.  That for me is a moment that I will relish with pride.  I came here only for few months, which turned into 4 years now.  To say that Scotland has been a beautiful home, I can only recollect all lovely memories spent in this country. 

So when I got the responsibility to vote, the first thing I felt was honoured.  But the very next feeling that peered through myself was the fear.  I made up my mind immediately that I should be selfless and vote for what is best for Scotland and its people.  But then, my heart reflected back saying "Who am I to decide what Scotland wants"!

Sure I am just an ordinary immigrant making a living here.  But if I get a chance to voice my opinion on good and bad of #indyref, what should stop me from that?  

I want to make an informed decision and a right one.  Hence I took time to read through all the materials available in the internet to keep myself up-to-date with Yes & No options. 

There's always 2 answers. Say no and be safe and be part of the largest kingdom, share common wealth and live happily ever after, as always. Say yes, if you are different, a risk taker, but want to feel the sense of freedom and democracy.

There's still myriad unanswered questions lying in front of people. 

What will be The currency?
Will Scotland survive after independence? Do they have sufficient wealth?
Will the unemployment shoot up?
Will the tax payers have to pay more money?
Will Scotland be part if EU and Schengen Agreement?
What will happen to the pension and benefits?
Will the immigration policies change?
What about the bank and mortgage interest? And the value of the properties?
Who is taking the North Sea reserves?
Will there be a currency reunion with rUK? 
Any Land borders between them?

Many have changed their decision from yes to no, and no to yes. 

I have been supporting Yes, and my decision remains the same even today, after reading and taking to people who tried to persuade me.  I am altruistic and I feel every country has got the right to be free, independent, and make decisions for what is best for it's people rather than depending and relying on somebody who sits 1000 miles away. 

When countries smaller than Scotland could do it, I don't see a reason why Scotland cannot do.  The country has rich natural resources and can built up an economy as strong and bigger and better than rUK.  

There could be some teething issues immediately after a Yes vote and on deciding on lot of the above factors, but that's the whole point of having a referendem - to make right decisions that are best for Scottish people.  

Many people who are voting for NO are actually wasting what is called as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  There's no second chance for Scotland if they miss this referendum.  They basically think that Scotland will be screwed up if they go independent.  They want the best of both worlds. But for how long could a country be under the shadow?  If the countries are better together, then why has the unemployment rates went up? Why do people have to pay more tax?

I don't know what impact the YES vote will have on my life. Not sure if our jobs will be secure, if tax rates will go up, or what will happen to our immigration status. I don't want to evaluate it either. 

I am happy to embrace whatever decision the people are about to take in few hours. Pretty overwelming!

Will Scotland break up with UK after their 307 years of relationship, or continue to be together? We'll know the answers in 24 hours. 

More info about referendem is given here:,_2014


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  1. Well we know the answer now .. and I am glad I think it is a good decision by the people ..

    How are you doing ...