Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Frames of Freedom!!

"Freedom is the last, best hope of earth" - Abraham Lincoln.

"Pollution-free Green Earth"
Go Green!  Save Earth!
Did you know that NASA has estimated that approx 18,000 pieces of man-made debris is found at least 10cm wide hurtling around the Earth.  A figure that is rapidly escalating!!

So, on behalf of Earth, Environmentalists, and rest of the human beings, I plead for freedom from pollution, plastics, litters, hazardous gas, toxic waste and anything that could affect the mother EARTH!

This is my entry for Blogadda's "Frames of Freedom" contest. 


  1. That's a beautiful capture!!

  2. wow! this was really thoughtful! all the best for the contest!

  3. A well made image with a valuable message. Best of luck Anu.

  4. Thanks to Bala, Wise D, and Pratibha! Your comments made my day :)

  5. great pic dude and ya nice way of presentation dude....

    its true fredom of nature should not be stopped. the mankind has already limited its freedom now they are doing the same for the nature.....

    nd ya if you hav tym please go through my post(im a new blogger) nd leave a comment about wat you feel like.... thanks..

  6. I wish the greenery in photo would just come alive making our planet all green and pollution free! Congrats, you were that close to win! All the very best for your future blog.