Saturday, 8 February 2020

Life is going on ok....

If there is any reader still sticking around my blog, hello to you. I know it feels like eons ago that I last updated my blog.  Infact, for the record, I forgot the login credentials, retrieved the inactive email and managed to bring this blog back to life. At this odd hour of the day - 3.00am. But it feels so good to be back in this space, which I am using for 2 decades now.  Well, on and off, to be precise!


I am a lot more active on my social media, but how I have neglected my blogs for the last 2/3 years! I have my own reason though.  It was impossible to think about blog when I have handful of children to attend to, constantly updating my parenting skills, and still trying to do everything that I was doing in between was a real challenge. 

But over the last couple of months, there has been something that was pushing me, keeping me awake and not letting me sleep at *Normal Hours*. That reminded me of Prof.APJ Abdul Kalam's famous quote "Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep".  I have been sleep deprived for oh-so-real-long time that I forgot how to sleep. To an extent.  I can still sleep like a boss all day long, but certainly not when the whole world is sleeping.  It's only at the night time, my creative juice is overflowing with ideas, one after another, hitting and eating up my brains. 

Also, partly because I am completely tied up during the day with the twins (who, for the record are 3.5 years old now! Right? Where did the time go?). So being busy with my mommy role in the day time, I started to feel like there is nothing of me that remains with me. You able to understand what I am saying? That "Me" time, time to breathe, relax, do what I love.  So, I feel my adrenaline rush during the night times (no, I am not binging on sugar!). That urge to do something and change the world!  Or atleast change my life, which is a lot more easier option here! 

I am really hoping to come back here a lot more often, and write something meaningful.  Or atleast write my heart out.  So, if you are still lurking around the corner, do hang in there, and visit my blog regularly.  Drop me a word or two, so I will start reading your blog too.  

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  1. No wonder you are out of action ... Hope to see you soon active on your blog