Tuesday, 14 August 2012

O for "Ode to Blog"

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Spin the wheel 5 years ago, I remember the day I started this blog with the motive to jot down my experiences, thoughts and observations, and to record the little things that revolve around my life.  For very many years I have been a silent blogger, just having a couple of loyal friends reading my blog.  This blog had seen me grow in many folds of life - from a single girl to a married women, from an amateur to a bit matured person.  I have improved my writing skills, made good friends and learnt a lot of things in this space. 

My early blog posts had been more of sharing personal experiences, time spent with friends, corporate stuff, about S, my married life etc..Most of my contributions has always been light weight topic - nitty nuts, day to day happenings, a lot related to nature, photography, travel.   

I am very bad with blog challenges - Not regular in my Project 366, so-so in ABC Challenge (which I am still struggling to finish)!  I am not a frequent blogger too.  Every now and then, my blog has posts that say "sorry for my long absence, I was too busy, things have been so tough"....blah ..blah!! To take a step towards blogging regularly, I took up Wordless Wednesdays and Thursday Challenge..Now everyday has become wordless Wednesdays for me! I have regretted that this writing space is transformed into a photo blog!  
I am trying out everything that's possible to keep myself regular to the blog, and to keep myself motivated.  

I owe so much to this blog, and have a great respect towards this space.  Although I don't spend a lot of time on blogging, this is the space I love and look forward to visit everyday.   I've made good friends here and I will treasure this relationship. 
"I love you my blog, you inspire me everyday...muah" 

I would like to thank everyone who support me, encourage me, motivate and inspire me (knowingly or unknowingly).  

PS: Don't be too bothered about that extra-fittings in the photo!!  


  1. Congratulations vaish..we too love to read n see ur posts more n moreee

  2. Keep blogging Vaish ! :) Take Care :D

  3. :) its been my pleasure to read your posts , so thanks to you for posting :)


  4. Yay! 5 years -- hearty congratulations! Keep writing.

  5. Keeping the blog active for five years is an achievement in itself. We do hope you get time to write more, in addition to displaying wonderful pictures.

    Destination Infinity

  6. Hey Congrats to your blog. And Thank you for giving us such a wonderful Blog to read and enjoy :-) Wishing you many more years of blogging :-)