Monday, 5 March 2012

As I am suffering from.....

"As I am suffering from fever and choked with cold, I would like to take a day off" how my day started today.  The sincere employee in me went to office to inform this to manager and to cancel all appointments by myself.  
Came back home, and you know what?  I was constantly on skype from 10.30am till 16.30pm.  A couple of hours with parents and a good 3-4 hours with a friend.  
And I realised how much I missed that liberty of calling and speaking with family/friends for hours.  A couple of years back when I was not working, I enjoyed the solitude of speaking with friends for long hours. And now I totally miss them.  
Although I was not able to speak so much today, I loved to listen to them speak and nod my head, say a few words here and there.  
That apart, I don't know why a minuscule change in the weather had to aggrandize my cold.  
And As I am suffering from....I am also taking a good time off from blogger for today.  Will write something sensible tomorrow. 


  1. 6 hours on skype when you are not feeling well? One needs rest when not feeling well. BTW, you can do this chatting on sat and sun also, no?

    Destination Infinity

  2. Get well soon!
    Does your boss/colleagues follow this blog? D: :D

  3. Get well soon..

    Woah, that long a call on Skype!! amazing :)

  4. Hope you are feeling better now.. take care :-)

  5. Cold is total annoy, I wonder how u manage to sit 6 hours on Skype !
    Take care :)

    1. Hope you are feeling better now. It feels quite lonely to be alone and away from family and friends when you are ill. And about talking to people on skpe or phone or just chatting on FB -ask me.. it is a sign of loneliness. I do it often these days when I am alone!

  6. Hope you are feeling better now. Take care!!

  7. Aww take care... can empathise with you... Btw, you have been tagged. Please hop over to my blog to read the tag. Thx.

  8. Get well soon and i am sure u wouldn't have been alright after talking to parents n friends ;)

  9. That's the effect of seeing Friends and Family on a day when we are sick :-). They always make us feel better. Get well soon :-)

  10. Thank you all..Just getting better, but my throat pain is still there, and my voice sounds so different :(