Friday, 20 January 2012

The day that went

I know you all are already getting freaked out with my daily posts, but thanks for supporting me in this journey by reading these never so ending nonsense.

Albeit it being Friday, my day hasn't been that great. It's a bit of work pressure, dragging and boring. On top of that I was feeling so sleepy.

Yesterday I uploaded this picture in flickr and thought it was completely meant for this friday. And I completely feel positive about it!! A day should have its little nice things here and there. And its weekend.

And I can get extra hours of sleep tomorrow. Can't wait for that. I think I am kind of rambling over lying on my bed with my half eyes closed. And eventually this is my first post typed from my phone. Thanks to S!!

Yawn yawn!!! I am going now. Good night or have a good day or whatever!!


  1. That quote and that shot are fantastic!
    Have a peaceful weekend :)