Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bygone year

The year that went had been a superfast rollercoaster ride isn't it!  It feels like 2011 just now started, but we already welcomed 2012 with a beaming smile.   The year 2011 had been such a memorable year for me - had some accomplishments, bad times, did some silly things, made great friends..

I made zilch resolutions after this year.  If something needs to change, it can happen anytime. Why wait till the start of a year!  Am I right? 

The first half of the year was just mystical. There was this doubtful, uncertain moment all the time because of restructuring in my organisation and how I got through them.   Remaining year was full of celebrations, travelling, driving et cetera.  

I haven't been blogging very frequently this year, and the total posts are much lesser than last year's.  But my photographic skills enhanced and I made some great captures this year!  

Did I ever tell you that I went on a diet! Phew! I never dreamt that I would go on a diet in my life.  I followed GM Diet for 1 week, and reduced some 3 kgs (but gained them back 3 weeks later by eating loads of pizza, cheese, biriyani).  I never thought I would be able to survive on mere fruits and veggies for 1 whole week! Kudos to me despite the torture S gave me by tempting me with maa vadu (mango pickle), thayir sadham (curd rice) and my favourite foods :(

I have 6 posts sitting in my draft ready to be published, god knows when!  Sweet procrastination, you see! 

I took up a challenge of reading 100 books in 2011, and to my dismay, I managed to complete only 12 books!  What a disgrace!   Come what may, I am challenging myself to improve this scenario.  

And this year ended with some amazing travel!

I have 400 unread posts in my google reader, so you do understand how busy I could get to read and pour my comments? 

Ah! And note, I am starting my Project 365 – both in flickr and blog!  Which means I will be logging in every day, and write something in the blog!  Watch out!  This space is going to get a bit filthy ;)

Before I end, here’s wishing you a year full of fun and frolic! Happy New Year folks!!


  1. "I made zilch resolutions after this year. If something needs to change, it can happen anytime. Why wait till the start of a year! Am I right?"

    I second the motion to your quoted statement! :)

    And yes, I sparingly wrote in my blog last year :( sigh!

    I only had 58 posts for 2011, just a quarter of what i have done in 2010...:(

    Anyways I am thankful for the past year, I discovered a new passion (bAKING) and minting money from it...lols...!!!

    I am like you who likes to travel but resources won't allow as I have 3 kids now in college...sigh!

    Happy New Year my dear Anu!

  2. I read 4 books last year. So, your count is better than mine! I am not sure if you should write daily on the blog. Its quite difficult for you and the readers. Why not take up weekly commitments and then graduate to daily writing after a few months?

    Destination Infinity

  3. :) Will look forward to some 'filth'!! ;)

    As they say, 'Nooru kanavu kandale, aaru kanavu palikaatha?!', so keep your targets high, you'll reach somewhere if not right on top, regarding ur blog posts! :)

    Nd yes, Have a great year too!

  4. 400 wow tht shud keep you busy :)

    me too No resolutions ..

    and wow DIET .. how did u do it , i lasted a few HOURS when i started the diet ...

    looking forward to the post..
    get set gooooooooooooooo

    Happy new year to you toooooooooo


  5. Zero resolutions for me too!!
    Yeah, even my blog post count was less as compared to earlier years.
    Project 365 is cool... looking forward to it!
    And happy reading... Books as well as Posts!!
    A very happy new year to you too! :)
    Cheers :)

  6. "If something needs to change, it can happen anytime. Why wait till the start of a year! Am I right?"

    And you lucky thing actually lost weight and then went ahead to gain it back?! Kya yaar Vaish?! And looks like you have a lot of reading to catch up on...wish you a super new year ahead!!!

  7. @ Amity - yeah that's right. Pretty much of blog pals haven't been writing a lot in 2011! Glad to know that you have found a new hobby - Ah Baking! Post in some pictures of your recent baking! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year celebrations at home! Wishing you a great year ahead dear!

  8. @ DI: Somewhere deep in my heart I'm happy that there's a soul that read less books than me ;)
    Yeah. I thought about doing Project 52 than 365, but I do want to get my feet dirt and try it off. If I can't do it, I can change it off isnt' it!!!

    @ Vaidegi - You might look forward for that filth for a few days, and then you would just feel bitterly annoyed! Trust me!!
    I Love that lyrics from kandukonden and I do live by that! It's same as what Mr.Kalam told!!

  9. @ Bikk - yeah, just clearing the gutter and moving forward...Today with 300 odd. I will tell you how I managed the diet in the next post :)

    @ Shilpa - Project 365 is actually cool..yeah I liked the concept. It's primarily for photography, but I would like to implement it in blog as well.

    @ Dee - Yeah...I felt bad when I gained back the weight, But I totally was devastated the whole 7 days of just eating fruits and veggies. So had a feast for myself everyday and so the result came back :(

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