Saturday, 1 October 2011

Golu update!

With Navarathri season, things are pretty busy around me.  A few of them asked from the previous post about parcel and it's condition.

The parcel came in a good condition, but was a bit delayed due to custom clearance.  I asked mum to send some dolls and saree for Golu.  I've always spoken about Navarathri and Golu year after year...How can I afford to miss it this time?

This year's Golu is a bit special(to me, every year is special) because I increased the steps and added few new dolls....thanks to mum and MIL.  I did struggle a bit to create the steps, but surprisingly, they came out really well.  

I wanted to so something different all the time for Navarathri.  And this is the festival I look forward every year.  This year, I made a little invite in, printed them, hand decorated designs and invited friends!! Got a great feedback about the invite. 

I got the gifts, gift bag and it's all set to welcome the huge crowd that's coming this weekend.  A few of my non-indian colleagues whom I invited were so eager to know more about this festival and were triggering out questions after question at office, out of curiosity.  

Overall, it's been really fun arranging these things albeit the sleepless nights.  

Take a look at this year's Golu festival...

Happy Navarathri to you all...


  1. This looks so very sweet! So many miniature dolls and figurines! A very happy Navrathri to you! :)

  2. Beautiful .. wishing you and family and every around you a very happy navratri .. Have a gala time and enjoy the festivities ..


  3. looks good with all those miniature dolls :) :)

    I always loved miniature dolls and as you have said the step is also looking nice :) :)

    Vanda sundal kedaikuma??? :) :)

  4. Hi Vaish! How had u been?!

    Happy Navratri dear! I remember to have read about Golu on ur blog only the last time... before that I didn't know about it.

    So sweet to c u enjoying the festivals.


  5. Simply beautiful...lovely work!

  6. Super sweet they all look! :)
    Hapy navarathri! :)

  7. that's a lovely Golu decoration... :D

  8. @Shilpa and Bikram - thank you so much...

    @ Kanagu - oh kandippa...Can I send sundal by courier??

    @ RS - Am good..hw hv u been?I pretty much write about Golu every year :)

    @ Kalyan, alphabet, Rajlakshmi - Thanks a ton!

  9. I like the arrangement. When I was young, we were living in flats and many neighborhood maami's would organize golus, invite us and give sundal, sweets and many other things! Oh, how I miss those days. We kids used to go as a group to many houses (even unfamiliar houses) to get the goodies. How they too loved it!

    Destination Infinity

  10. @ Dee - Thanks :)

    @ DI - yeah...lolz at maami's - Not that I am a maami yet ;)

  11. Vaish, I'm good :) Was quite away from blogging for a long long time. Now, it seems the spirit is coming back into me!

    btw, have u changed the header of the blog?

  12. Thanks RS!
    Yes...I did change the header!